Seoul prepares for first major military parade in ten years

For the first time in a decade, Seoul citizens will witness a large-scale military parade, with tank …

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S. Korean firms urge US to clarify 'foreign entity of concern'

South Korean companies have asked the United States to clarify from which foreign companies they are …

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US finalizes national security 'guardrails' for CHIPS funding

The US Department of Commerce on Friday announced the final rule to restrict semiconductor subsidy r …

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[Test Drive] Toyota’s minivan Alphard boasts sedanlike drive

Toyota launched its fourth electrification model in Korea for this year, the luxury hybrid minivan A …

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Trilateral talks open on Korea

Two-day working- and senior-level talks among South Korea, Japan and China kicked off on Monday, as …

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Xi says he will consider S. Korea visit

Chinese President Xi Jinping said Saturday he will consider visiting South Korea for a potential sum …

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